Our sourcing standards

  • Our first priority is local sourcing. We don’t carry “token” local products to meet a quota or make you feel good; we buy from Oklahoma farmers and producers almost exclusively, year-round.
  • We believe in regional food systems. Good neighbors are valuable, so we occasionally buy sustainably-grown products from neighboring states, like Texas citrus. 
  • We only buy humanely-raised meat and eggs, and we prioritize humanely-raised dairy products. 
  • We understand that sustainable growing practices exist on a spectrum, and our goal is to support farmers who are working to minimize environmentally hazardous  inputs. 
  • We support local food-makers and local businesses. Most of the value-added or prepared items we sell are made in Oklahoma, and we further support our community by renting kitchen space to producers we work with. On rare occasions, we’ll bring in something special from farther away, like maple syrup. 
  • We believe in fostering a diverse community of farmers and food makers. This means sometimes we spend more time or money in order to support small farmers, young farmers, people of color, and other underrepresented groups.